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Mailjam - Mailing lists manager


Mailjam is a mailing list manager. With it you will be able to create mailing lists and manage them.

Mailjam requires a functional MTA [1] (Mailjam has been successfully tested with sendmail [2] and postfix [3] but it should work with other MTA software)


Scheme of the architecture behind Mailjam

Mailjam has been designed following a multi-component structure. There is a daemon that manage the mailing lists and members information in a storage backend and there are different kinds of clients (currently, three of them) that interact with the daemon using a XMLRPC link.

More information here:


For installation instructions, please check the INSTALL file, or the documentation inside the docs/ subdirectory.

You can read the installation instructions here:


The official documentation is available in the docs/ subdirectory, and you can read the docs online too (thnx to [4]):

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