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Last change on this file since 14:0a6affee82cd was 14:0a6affee82cd, checked in by Borja Lopez <borja@…>, 12 years ago

Added a configuration file specific for the MTA client.

Replaced the postman.config module with a new version based on classes. Now,
instead the old get_config_parameters() function (a modified version of it is
still there, to ensure backwards compatibility) there is a DaemonConfig class,
which contains some methods to perform the config file parsing and configuration
parameters extraction. That class will be then subclassed in order to have
different configuration classes for the daemon and the different clients (mta,
cli, web, etc).

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2# postman.conf - Postman MTA client configuration file
6address = localhost
7port = 9876
8ssl = false
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