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55<h1><a class="toc-backref" href="#id1">Overview of mailjam&#8217;s architecture</a><a class="headerlink" href="#overview-of-mailjam-s-architecture" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h1>
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57<p class="topic-title first">Contents</p>
58<ul class="simple">
59<li><a class="reference internal" href="#overview-of-mailjam-s-architecture" id="id1">Overview of mailjam&#8217;s architecture</a><ul>
60<li><a class="reference internal" href="#introduction" id="id2">Introduction</a></li>
61<li><a class="reference internal" href="#mailjam-daemon" id="id3">Mailjam daemon</a></li>
62<li><a class="reference internal" href="#mta-client" id="id4">MTA client</a></li>
63<li><a class="reference internal" href="#cli-client" id="id5">CLI client</a></li>
64<li><a class="reference internal" href="#web-client" id="id6">Web client</a></li>
69<div class="section" id="introduction">
70<h2><a class="toc-backref" href="#id2">Introduction</a><a class="headerlink" href="#introduction" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
71<p>Mailjam has been designed following a <strong>multi-component structure</strong>. There is
72<strong>a daemon</strong> that manage the mailing lists and members information in a storage
73backend and there are <strong>different kinds of clients</strong> (currently, three of them)
74that <strong>interact with the daemon using a XMLRPC link</strong>.</p>
75<p>This is the scheme of the architecture:</p>
76<img alt="Scheme of the architecture behind Mailjam" class="open-fancybox" src="_images/mailjam_architecture.png" />
78<div class="section" id="mailjam-daemon">
79<span id="overview-mailjam-daemon"></span><h2><a class="toc-backref" href="#id3">Mailjam daemon</a><a class="headerlink" href="#mailjam-daemon" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
80<p>The daemon will perform all the operations regarding the management of the
81mailing lists and members. The daemon will save information of a given
82mailing list to the storage backend, and will read information of already
83saved lists from there too.</p>
84<p>It listens for incoming XMLRPC requests on a given tcp port, allowing clients
85to add/update/delete data from the backend.</p>
87<div class="section" id="mta-client">
88<span id="overview-mailjam-mta-client"></span><h2><a class="toc-backref" href="#id4">MTA client</a><a class="headerlink" href="#mta-client" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
89<p>This client is attached to a given MTA, and is called but the MTA itself when
90emails for a mailing lists are received. The client performs some checks on the
91backend to tell the MTA what it has to do with the incoming emails.</p>
93<div class="section" id="cli-client">
94<span id="overview-mailjam-cli-client"></span><h2><a class="toc-backref" href="#id5">CLI client</a><a class="headerlink" href="#cli-client" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
95<p>This is a shell-like interface that can be used to add mailing lists to a given
96Mailjam server, edit such mailing lists information, add members, etc.</p>
98<div class="section" id="web-client">
99<span id="overview-mailjam-web-client"></span><h2><a class="toc-backref" href="#id6">Web client</a><a class="headerlink" href="#web-client" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
100<p>This is a small <em>webapp</em> that can be used to perform the same management
101operations you can achieve using the
102<a class="reference internal" href="#overview-mailjam-cli-client"><em>CLI client</em></a>.</p>
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112 <h3><a href="index.html">Table Of Contents</a></h3>
113 <ul>
114<li><a class="reference internal" href="#">Overview of mailjam&#8217;s architecture</a><ul>
115<li><a class="reference internal" href="#introduction">Introduction</a></li>
116<li><a class="reference internal" href="#mailjam-daemon">Mailjam daemon</a></li>
117<li><a class="reference internal" href="#mta-client">MTA client</a></li>
118<li><a class="reference internal" href="#cli-client">CLI client</a></li>
119<li><a class="reference internal" href="#web-client">Web client</a></li>
124 <h4>Previous topic</h4>
125 <p class="topless"><a href="index.html"
126 title="previous chapter">Mailjam official documentation</a></p>
127 <h4>Next topic</h4>
128 <p class="topless"><a href="install.html"
129 title="next chapter">Installation instructions</a></p>
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