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Last change on this file since 4:14b2a12d495e was 4:14b2a12d495e, checked in by Francisco de Borja Lopez Rio <borja@…>, 12 years ago

Fixed some bugs in the code that was doing the de-serialization of data from
json-encoded files.

One of the bugs raised an exception complaining about the Member, MailingList
and JsonStorage classes not being found when de-serializing objects that
contain instances of such classes in their attributes. I fixed it adding some
imports to the file within the postman/ module

The other bug was causing an infinite loop that was triggering a RuntimeError
(maximum recursion depth exceeded) when de-serializing MailingList instances
(a call to the .load() method in the init method of the MailingList class
was causing it)

File size: 96 bytes
1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
3from models import Member, MailingList
4from storage import JsonStorage
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