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pyenvjasmine - changes and releases

Release summary

0.3.0, April 02, 2018
Added selectable test engines (phantomjs and rhino supported by default) with different jasmine versions

Release 0.3.0

Released on April 02, 2018.

Since this release, you can choose the engine that will run the tests (previously only rhino was available). The old rhino headless browser is still available (updated to the latest version) and runs tests on the latest version of the 1.x branch of jasmine.

Also available in this version is phantomjs (you need to install phantomjs >= 2.1 to use this) which runs tests on the latest version of the 3.x branch of jasmine.

Updating from previous versions: Up to this release rhino was the default browser/engine, now the default is phantomjs (which uses the most recent and supported jasmine version). If you still want to use rhino (and jasmine 1.x), ensure you add the testing_environment parameter when creating a new Runner instance.

For example, for this code:

runner = Runner(testdir='/path/to/my/testdir',

To keep running tests on rhino:

runner = Runner(testdir='/path/to/my/testdir',
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