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1Stamper - TODO list
4Ongoing work
7- improve arguments parsing
8- stamp without quotes
9- 'stamps customer details 20140701 20140703' report with customer per dates
10- 'stamps details', report without customer
11- 'stamps details 20140701 20140703', report without customer per dates
12- 'stamps details 15d', report with default date range
13- 'stamps customer details 15d', report with customer and default date range
14- 'timeline n' tool to see last n stamps
15- bar graphs: hours-per-period/customer
16- bar graphs: hours-per-period/aggregate-customers (all the customers)
17- make the report 'templatable'
19Tasks done
21- 'stamps customer', report with customer
22- 'stamps customer details', report with customer and details
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