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(edit) @42:a67c2fe2b2aa   3 years borja Fixed typo (enviroment/environment)
(edit) @39:5d55c193d904   3 years borja [pyflakes] Removed unneeded import, commented out unused variable
(edit) @36:4c964b691922   3 years mauro Selectable engine (phantom with jasmine3, rhino with jasmine1)
(edit) @33:d466f464c871   3 years borja Fix for Runner.did_test_pass(), ensuring we catch failed tests even if …
(edit) @31:d66aca501fe9   3 years borja Extended asserts on a couple of tests with js test failures (asserting …
(edit) @30:d5fde7cc2958   3 years borja Make some python3 compatibility changes (bytes/unicode/str mess)
(edit) @26:14c16e5cbe03   3 years borja Replaced nose with py.test and adapted all existing tests
(edit) @25:0281d2f4f77f   3 years borja Added a method to run the js tests external process in a …
(edit) @24:e235afb1bc67   4 years borja Updated docs and some test files to reflect the change …
(edit) @23:d9eb2fcab138   4 years borja Added missing jasmine-jquery file that caused tests to fail
(edit) @22:58aa6bcaa5f6   4 years borja Renamed runner.TestRunner to runner.Runner This prevents some ugly …
(edit) @19:ab5f65372038   6 years borja Imported latest envjasmine version, the initial import from darcs had …
(edit) @12:b385d1bc24d6   6 years borja Moved the included html code for the base runner template to a …
(edit) @10:3c5d9b2b69b8   6 years borja Make tests compatible with python 3
(edit) @3:a681a8b3bda3   6 years borja Added .hgignore file
(add) @0:0175515fceea   6 years borja Imported sources from
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